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Four Seasons | Elca Gaming

Four Seasons is a fan created Avatar: the last Airbender Game. It is created by a small team, but it got started by Elca Gaming. Facts The facts below are taken from the Four Seasons Press kit. The Game follows the plot of Avatar: the last Airbender Aang and Momo are playable characters The Game will have RPG elements like leveling and an item system with its own currency (coins) It is semi open world with large levels, e....

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SWBF2Phoenix | Ben1138

SWBF2Phoenix is a reimplementation of the old Star Wars Battlefront (2005) game using the Unity game engine. Facts Implement a Clone that mirrors the game engine behavior Load game data at runtime and convert it to Unity friendly formats Game Code is written in Lua 5.0 (64 Bit version) The engine is using a custom animation system 1024 Characters have been shown in game with all of them playing animations at the same time Vehicles are implemented with Gunner seats Doors are working Simple Mod maps are supported by the implementation The Game size (without Assets) is about 85 MB....

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